GameDaily Connect USA: Tommy Tallarico to talk innovation, new growth markets in the game industry

Our industry insights track will be essential viewing as Tommy Tallarico, head of Intellivision, heads up a panel about couch co-op titles and key moments of change in the industry.

Tommy Tallarico is a composer and veteran game designer. Tallarico is well-known for being the brains behind the Video Games Live concert series, an immersive concert event that’s toured the world putting on live video game stage shows with the backing of a full symphony orchestra. Now, Tallarico is firmly eyes front as he sits in the Intellivision Entertainment hotseat and prepares for its upcoming launch of the Amico. The Amico is set to make strides as a child-friendly alternative to modern consoles, whilst also looking forward to the future.

Before moving into his current position as CEO and President of Intellivision Entertainment, Tallarico netted an impressive three decades worth of experience in the game industry and was a smart pick to revitalize the Intellivision brand. Once known for being a co-op powerhouse, bringing the company into the future required knowledge of what made Intellivision so great, and Tallarico has learned a great many lessons from the changing times. 

If you’re someone that’s interested in the potential of family-friendly gaming and the lessons that can be learned from designing for a niche demographic other than today’s oversaturated hardcore market, then you definitely won’t want to miss Tallarico’s panel on August 27. Focusing on the beauty of couch co-op games specifically as well as the growing mobile presence in the sector, we recommend that you come along to learn from this industry powerhouse about how Intellivision intends to foster connectivity instead of competitiveness in gaming. 

Want to know more about the other experts who will be speaking at GameDaily Connect? We have a list of speakers that we’ll be updating as the event draws closer.

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