GameDailyRecap Episode 12: A little bit of a lot of industry news

But wait, there's more! News, that is. And believe us, there's a lot of news packed into this 5 minute video.

Welcome back! Today, we're covering a whole gamut of news, much of which happened over the holiday break. Discord raised $150 million, bringing its valuation up to well over $2 billion. Japan has banned grey market digital key reselling, among a few other things. The good doctors and co-founders of BioWare received one of the highest honors in Canada. Rami Ismail's have become the new indie darlings. Project Cars 2 creators, Slightly Mad Studios, are creating a new VR console. And, finally, Ben Brode's new studio, Second Dinner, is heating up a Marvel license for their first game, in addition to raising $30 million from NetEase.

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