GameDaily Connect USA: Design legend, Raph Koster, to present on the evolution of online worlds

Those who are looking forward to the Design and Development track at this year's GameDaily Connect USA are going to be pleased that the event will be playing host to Raph Koster, industry veteran and recognized as an Online Game Legend at GDC. Koster will be attending and speaking on his specialty: online words in games and consistent engagement.

Raph Koster has a number of impressive launches under his belt, including Ultima Online and Star Wars Galaxies. It’s hard to mention a notable online game without thinking of his influence, whether it’s from his design background or from his tenure as the Chief Creative Officer for Sony Online Entertainment, showing that he has what it takes on both the innovation and the business sensibilities fronts. 

Koster has also written a book called A Theory of Fun for Game Design, which serves as more than just an acclaimed self-teaching text for designers. Its examination of the pitfalls of design as well as the way that it goes hand in hand with industry engagement is both insightful and accessible, and those are two hallmarks of Koster’s work which we’re sure will persist even though he’s just recently gone independent. 

If you’re a developer looking for some insight into creating online game worlds and ensuring their longevity, then not only will you enjoy Koster’s new book, Postmortems, but you’ll also be wanting to tune in for his panel at this year’s GameDaily Connect. Koster will be speaking specifically on the evolution of online worlds after their creation, and the steps that need to be taken by developers if they want to ensure that players remain engaged with these living, breathing ecosystems long after launch. 

The design and development track will also be home to plenty of other experienced panelists with knowledge to contribute about how to take your title to the next level. While Koster’s focus will be on online worlds, the other speakers will be canvassing a variety of topics so check out our list of panelists which we will be adding more to as we get closer to our event. GameDaily Connect USA will run from August 27-29, so get your tickets soon!

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Ginny Woo is a freelance journalist from New Zealand and yes, she's been to Hobbiton at least twice. She's usually tweeting about MMORPGs on Twitter at @ginnywoes, or having unsolicited takes on whichever League of Legends match is currently airing.