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Amanda Farough, Editor-in-Chief

Amanda has 9 years of game journalism under her belt, with a focus on culture stories and game criticism. Her byline has appeared on Mic, Paste, PC Gamer, Teen Vogue, Mashable, CG Magazine and more. Amanda is an indie game afficionado, with the vast majority of her game coverage leaning towards the weird and wonderful games that indie developers bring to market. 

She adores RPGs, weird narrative indie games, and strategy games that take forever to learn. Amanda is also the Editor-in-Chief of SuperParent. You can find her on Twitter as @AmandaFarough or you can reach her at

James Brightman, Editor-at-Large

James has been covering the games industry for nearly two decades. He built up the original GameDaily trade site and newsletter and continued to manage it under AOL ownership. He also co-founded trade publication IndustryGamers (along with Greenlit CEO John Benyamine) and continued to lead it as it was merged into Gamer Network’s, which he also served as EIC for in recent years. James has cultivated numerous relationships with industry professionals, and earned a reputation in the business for insightful, ‘tough-but-fair’ interviews. He’s met with the biggest names in gaming, including (now late) Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata, Peter Moore, John Riccitiello, Phil Spencer, Todd Howard, Sid Meier and other legends. You can find him on Twitter as @Bright_Pixels or you can email him at

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